Judging Panel

Each nomination of the Audiologist of the Year competition is reviewed anonymously  by an independent panel of Judges.

The panel consists of esteemed thought leaders from the across the hearing care industry, who each represent a highly respected European hearing care organisation or charity.

As administrator of the competition, Rayovac take no part in the judging process.


Audio Infos is the key reference journal for hearing care professionals and audiologists. They provide contents on hearing science and research, events, legal aspects and the indispensable management and financial issues for the practice of the profession, helping to fully comprehend how the sector is evolving.

The Audio Infos’ family comprises 6 websites plus 11 international print editions published across 8 languages: Audio Infos Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Russia and Latin America; Audiology Infos France, Brazil, Netherlands and Italy; and Audiology Worldnews congress special issues.


The European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association (EHIMA) represents the six major European hearing instrument manufacturers, producing up to 90% of hearing aids made in Europe.


The European Federation of Hard of Hearing People (EFHOH) is a non-profit European non-governmental organisation consisting of/for hard of hearing and late deafened people, parent organizations, and professional organizations at a European level in dialogue with the European Union, the Members of the European Parliament, and other European authorities.

Sound Seekers

Sound Seekers (The Commonwealth Society for the Deaf) is a UK registered charity, established in 1959, that delivers practical solutions to support people with hearing loss realise their rights by enabling access to healthcare and education in some of the poorest communities in the world. They currently work in Malawi, Zambia, The Gambia, Cameroon and Sierra Leone.


The German Association of the Hard of Hearing People (DSB) is a German disability self-help organization representing the social, medical, technical and legal interests of hard of hearing and deaf people in Germany at local, state and federal level. The work of the DSB is based on local associations and self-help groups, which have joined together to regional associations and the Federal Association.

Audition Solidarite

Audition Solidarite is a humanitarian association created in 2008 with the aim of improving auditory well-being among vulnerable or disadvantaged populations around the world, through prevention, information, implementation of auditory technologies, training, research and actions to support any humanitarian project in favour of the world of hearing.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People trains dogs that help deaf people leave behind loneliness, and lead their lives to the full. The dogs do this through constant companionship, giving deaf people the confidence to reconnect with their family, friends and community around them, and embrace the full life they deserve.

Equally as importantly, they help by alerting deaf people to crucial sounds like the smoke alarm, as well as everyday sounds such as the doorbell. Their burgundy coats also signal to the public that their recipients are deaf. This combination of practical assistance and lifelong friendship can be completely life-changing.”


T-oigo is an independent, non-profit association that makes life easier for families with hearing loss, based in Spain.