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Some of our previous winner’s have been crowned UK Audiologist of the Year, with a select few going even further to being named European Audiologist of the Year – beating competition from across Europe for the prestigious title. Winner’s are awarded the title thanks to their nominators stories of innovation, empathy and dedication.

Read some of our winners stories below, perhaps your Audiologist has what it takes to be named Audiologist of the Year 2020.

Paula Cook - UK and European Winner, 2019

Eager to help her former client, after a back injury had left her incapacitated and unable to communicate easily with her hearing impaired neighbour Dora, Paula arranged to take her summer holiday in Turkey transporting her audiology equipment more than 2,000 miles and fitting the two retirees with hearing aids from the clinic’s stock, to save on cost.

Describing the moment her new friend was fitted with her hearing aids Heather said: “Her face broke into the biggest smile I have ever seen. Then came the tears and emotions from all of us. We went outside of the apartment and wandered down to the beach. Dora looked astonished – ‘I can hear the sea’ – ‘I feel that I’ve been born again’ she said.”

Benjamin Schadow - European Winner, 2018

The judges were particularly impressed by Mr Schadow’s innovative use of the latest technologies, including 3D printing, to find bespoke solutions to the hearing difficulties of his patients.

In a moving nomination, patient Karla Rudloff, 62, explained how she had developed hearing loss on both sides as a child as a result of chronic otitis media and found that standard devices were aggravating her condition.

Bridgette Harley - UK Winner, 2018

Bridgitte Harley, director at The Hearing Clinic, Radlett, has been announced as the 2018 UK Audiologist of the Year.
She was nominated by a patient who praised Bridgitte for helping her to hear from her left ear for the first time since she developed Single Sided Deafness (SSD) at the age of four.
In her heart-warming nomination, Tina, 61, from Essex, said: “From the age of four, I have effectively had no hearing in my left ear after measles damaged a nerve.

Previous Winners

Sarah Baumann

UK Winner, 2015

Duncan Collet-Fenson

UK Winner, 2016

Robert Beiny

UK and European Winner, 2017